Lullaby and Quantify Your Sleep

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The old saying is true: Sleep fixes most things. Yet in a world where there are more things to do than time to do them, it is becoming increasingly easy to sleep less than our bodies need for healthy functioning. Scientists may continue to debate and discover what sleep or the lack of it does for as long as our planet … Read More

Jesse Lawler on Nootropics and Smart Drugs

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“Get inspired by what really smart people can talk like, and think about… When I hear one of these guys, their brain is just, flowing out of the screen, it makes me want to push my own brain as far as it can go.” Jesse Lawler is an entrepreneur, media producer, long-distance cyclist, and personal-optimization fiend. He founded the mobile … Read More

Maximilian Gotzler and Getting Into the Flow State

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“Biochemical state of flow is the state when prefrontal cortex shuts off, time dilates, performance skyrockets and you feel as present as you can ever be.” Maximilian Gotzler, the founder and CEO of Biotrakr and Flowgrade, is one of the leading influencers in the German Quantified Self and Biohacking scene. Being a former professional athlete, he started tracking different biomarkers … Read More

Jaakko Halmetoja and Plants as Natural Chemists

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“Lets say the baseline has moved more towards stronger plants, stronger, bitter compounds, bitter plants and if you do that you do not need to eat so much.” Jaakko Halmetoja is well known in Finland and considered to be the man who popularised Chaga mushroom to the public after writing a best selling book on the topic Pakurikääpä – opas … Read More

Dr. Rhonda Patrick on the Health Benefits of Cold Exposure and Sauna

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“Our bodies are beautifully designed to handle all types of stress; but our genes have to be working; they have to have the right nutrients.” –Dr. Rhonda Patrick Dr. Rhonda Patrick with a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences is an expert in nutrition, metabolism and aging. She has done considerable research in all of these fields, including research on cancer and the … Read More

Dr. Beth Healey on Surviving in Antarctica

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“The lowest temperature was -81 °C. If you add in wind chill, it can drop below -100 °C. It’s pretty chilly. It was a shock to the system when I arrived.” – Dr. Beth Healey looks back at her one year journey to Antarctica. Dr. Beth Healey is a research doctor in the European Space Agency (ESA). She spent a year at ESA’s Concordia base … Read More

Dr. Julia Shaw On The Illusion of Memory

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“Our memories are deeply flawed and we would be happier if we accepted it.” – Dr. Julia Shaw Meet Dr. Julia Shaw, criminal psychologist and author of The Memory Illusion. Julia appeared on Vice with a controversial memory hacking experiment. It asked could false memories be deliberately placed in people’s minds? What’s more, Julia now states that anything you remember before you were about … Read More