FLOWVR solves today's stress and productivity challenges by easing entry into a meditative state, regardless of where or when you choose. FLOWVR easily delivers personalized, interactive meditations via rich guided content and 360° videos and high impact VR/AR technologies. Self-guided, rapid immersion, tracking and progress/feedback controls enable our mobile solution to meet the unique needs of companies and individuals. We provide highly adaptable stress management tools for people on the go. FLOWVR is modern meditation software.

Biohacker Center

Biohacker Center researches optimal human performance, health and wellbeing and brings together practitioners, pioneers and companies related to biohacking. Content activities include books such as the best-selling Biohacker's Handbook, podcasts, live shows, webinars, presentations and online courses. Experiences include the Biohacker Summit conference and Biohacker Retreats.


TrueDark is a health and wellness technology brand that is committed to improving people’s health and performance by providing products, tools and education that help them control the light in their environment.Through the use of patented light blocking/filtering eyewear and innovative red light therapy devices, our goal is to help you sleep, feel and perform better.


Vielight leads in providing wearable devices that utilizes near infrared (NIR) to modulate the brain – a process also known as photobiomodulation (PBM). It is discovering that its version of PBM can improve brain functions significantly in the fields of meditation, sports performance, memory and threat response in military service and competitive gaming. Apart from clinical applications for brain conditions which includes Alzheimer’s disease where clinical trials are in progress, studies are also in place to confirm PBM effect on these non-clinical applications. These research could change the game for non-invasive brain stimulation in the future.

Neurohacker Collective

Neurohacker Collective exists because we believe that it is now both possible and necessary for human beings to dramatically upgrade our individual and collective capacities to design and create the future. We are creating and curating the best resources available for neurological optimization to empower people to realize their fullest potential. Our product, Qualia Mind is a nootropic stack based on a unique whole-systems approach designed to promote increased focus, energy, and mental clarity.

Eng3 Corporation

Eng3 Corporation develops and distributes NanoVi™ technology. NanoVi devices are used to slow the aging process, improve mental and physical performance, and address illness. Health, longevity, and performance advocates such as Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield and Wendy Myers have featured NanoVi as a unique and innovative biohack. Benefits of NanoVi™ have been validated by university research, including placebo-controlled studies. Devices are used in both health centers and private homes.

Ra Optics

We make the World's Finest Blue Blocking Glasses to protect melatonin, sleep, and health from artificial light.

Pure Harmony

Enter the New Paradigm of Optimum Health & Wellness ​The Pure Harmony Pendant works miracles by using the science of quantum physics through the power of harmonic resonance to help release past trauma and stressors from the Mind and Body, thereby amplifying and restoring the body's natural core vibrational blueprint back into harmony, back into balance.

The Key Clinic

The Key Clinic specialises in cutting edge, drug-free Neuroplastic therapies to improve lives.

Baru Baron

Baru Baron brings to Canada the most nutrient-dense natural snack and ingredient in the world: baru seeds.


Organic and Natural; GLOMALIN was born out of the idea that our skin is porous and about 60% of what we put on it enters our body. With this idea in mind we wanted to develop skin care and personal care products for ourselves that were derived from as much organic and natural ingredients as possible without adding synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

Lambton College

Lambton College has been ranked #3 in Canada for Applied Research in 2016 and 2017 (source: Research Infosource Ranking).  The Applied Research & Innovation department at Lambton College specializes in working with industry business partners; small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) as well as organizations from a variety of sectors.

Lambton College has 6 research centres including Information Technology and Communication Research Centre (ITCRC), Bioindustrial Process Research Centre and Centre for Industrial Material Development.  The ITCRC is home to projects on topics including software development, app development, use of A.I., data science and machine learning for application in Digital Health, Manufacturing, Marketing and Industrial Operations.