Dear conscious people: Dance to express, not to impress.

Imagine an ecstatic beach party in 26 degrees, on white sand, shorts, palm trees, ecstatic dance, yoga, DJs, sauna, ice plunges and conscious people - In the middle of winter in November when it is dark and cold outside! That's what Ecstatic Beach Party, the official after party of Biohacker Summit is all about (also open for the public, so invite your conscious friends!).

In collaboration with Ecstatic Dance Helsinki, Biohacker Summit, Natural High Healing Festival, Magnesia Festival and Puhdistamo. Event tags are #biohackersummit #ecstaticdance and authentic #healthyenergy #culturechange offered by Puhdistamo in addition to our in-house bar serving beach cocktails.

Dear guests, the official after party of Biohacker Summit is all about authentic human experience and connection.

Our event starts with an Ecstatic Dance journey, a liberating expression of dance and movement!

Ecstatic dance is a free-form movement journey with music spanning various genres, tempos, emotions and intensities. No speaking allowed during ecstatic dance between 21:30–23:30 – Come early to get the instructions how it works.

After the Ecstatic Dance we move on to a live concert of sounds inspired by plant medicines and further into modern electronic music, trance and psychedelic sounds. Because we are on a beach, it will eventually turn into a proper goa beach party.

Dress code: conscious beach party.

Facebook page is here.



Saturday 2nd of November 20:00-04:00


Biitsi, Mall of Tripla (map)
Down Under, floor P4
Pasilansilta, 00520 Helsinki

Bring your towel if you go to sauna and/or ice bath. Towel rent also available for 5€.


  • 20:00 Doors open
  • 20:30 Stepping Into Flow – Intuitive Yoga & Movement / Viivi Jokela & DJ Milla Linna
  • 21:30 Ecstatic Dance / DJ Oliver Barnett (tribal fusion)
  • 23:30 Live performance / Mikko Heikinpoika (tribal live)
  • 00:00 DJ OlliS (progressive trance / pure trance)
  • 01:15 Goa-Vääpeli (goa trance)
  • 02:30 Nebula Meltdown (progressive psytrance / full-on)
  • 04:00 Closing


40€ (includes entrance, free drink from Puhdistamo, yoga, ecstatic dance & sauna)

Show your ticket at the door (mobile or printed). Tickets only available in advance.

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#healthyenergy #culturechange by Puhdistamo: energy drink without synthetic caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Only real ingredients, healthy sources of energy with l-theanine for a balanced kick.

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DJ & visual artist: OLIVER BARNETT (ZAF)
Bio-remedial visual artist, Macro forager, tribal fusion DJ

Combining a deep love of nature-immersed image-making, with an emergent global sound that blends and unites acoustic and electronic rhythms, Oliver's interest lies in raising consciousness through a mystical entanglement of organic and digital; a bio-remedial refuge to the imagination of the world in these complex times. The images are created from organic subjects found on extensive nature walks in the elemental landscapes around the Cape Town Peninsula.



Live performance: MIKKO HEIKINPOIKA (FIN)
Musician, music producer, vocalist, throat singer

Mikko Heikinpoika is a throat singer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Finland. He is part of the new wave of live musicians who strive to create powerful performance experiences through merging the worlds of acoustic and electronic, integrating ancient vocal techniques, live looping, grounded rhythms and deep, heartfelt bass frequencies.

Bandcamp - Soundcloud


Artist: DJ OlliS (FIN)

Dr. Olli Sovijärvi is also a DJ with the name OlliS. Growing in a very musical family and being predisposed to various kinds of music since a little kid has probably been the key factor of what OlliS is today. Over ten years of playing the piano and studying the theory of music have educated him on the ability to create something memorable and musically touching when performing as a DJ. A bi-monthly residency at Frisky Radio with a success show ‘Aurea Mediocritas’ has been ‘on-air’ already for over ten years. Also a six-year career at Finnish Radio One, YleX has left an unforgettable touch into Finnish electronic music scene as it is now. OlliS represents an integral perspective of progressive house, techno & psy music, a style that is built on strong bass lines, epic melodies and a groovy rhythm.



Artist: Nebula Meltdown (FIN)

Nebula Meltdown is Kristian Aro, an electronic music wizard from Helsinki, Finland. He has a long musical background, listening to classical music since he was very young and playing the piano for many years. He got interested in electronic music when he was 12 years old, finding his way into psychedelic trance and various psychedelic downtempo after going through many styles of electronic music. After dreaming of composing for a few years he started to make his own tunes in 2000 and is still on the same road. He has created many different styles of music from soaring UK-style psytrance to oldschool-influenced Goatrance to soothing downtempo and psybient. He is very precise in having a red line to follow throughout his tracks an Dj-sets, taking the listener into places and is always fine-tuning his music with careful precision. He has performed internationally in over 150 gigs during the last 5 years alone in both indoor and outdoor events, his most notable gig being at Boom Festival in 2014. In 2009 he became a label dj for the famous Belgian goa-trance label Suntrip Records and released his first full-length album "Stardust Chronicles". Riding on the globally expanding and increasingly popular wave of psychedelic trance he is always perfecting his sound and skills as a DJ, combining various styles together in the furnace of the Universal Consciousness.

Spotify - Soundcloud


Artist: Goa-Vääpeli (FIN)

One of the closing keynotes of Biohacker Summit and pioneer in importing electronic music to Europe 😉


Visual & kinetic DJ: RAY ARKAEI (POL)

Ray, alias Arkaei, is an award-winning electronic musician and visual artist with an otherwise blurry job description along the lines of coding and design. He's part of the editorial team behind technology blog DJWORX, volunteers for the non-profit DJ association IDA and hosts masterclass workshops, encouraging digital performers to explore technology further. Ray aims to raise digital live performance to a new level: one which includes the audience as an active part of the experience. Using 3D sensors, he captures the motion of the crowd and uses that data to influence both the musical and visual part of his shows.

Youtube - Website



Open your body and tune into embodied presence for a freely flowing dance night. Viivi Jokela is a yoga and meditation teacher and an Ecstatic Dance facilitator. She has a vast background in various styles of yoga, dance, somatics, non-dual tantra and transpersonal psychology. She guides yoga classes that focus on the internal experience and perception of the practice: stepping into the flow, reconnecting with the body intelligence, and attending to sensations with openness, compassion and curiosity.