Ground yourself with nature. This exclusive wild adventure to the world’s largest archipelago, the Archipelago Sea of Finland is a trip you will never forget – Untouched nature, historical manors, stone churches and wooden houses sums up coastal Finland with thousands of islands.

This epic biohacking retreat will take you with a soviet-era boat to a part of the archipelago where ancient finns used to pay their taxes to the king with seal fat and salted herring. As you can imagine, they were left pretty much on their own and they survived on fishing and gifts from nature alone.

On this trip we take you and 20 others including some of our top experts & speakers to a remote island where you completely forget where you are and who you are. Your daily chores just wash away, as the beautiful nature & sea around you immerses you in a complete nervous system reset.

On this day retreat we will initiate you to long lost archaic Finnish biohacking techniques. Included in the program:

  • Transportation to a remote fisherman port 30 minutes away from Helsinki.
  • 20 minute boat trip to the island, during which you can enjoy untouched islands everywhere where you look in the company of true seafarers. 
  • Nature immersion walk through the island including guidance on identification of medicinal & nutritional herbs, seaweeds, plants and mushrooms.
  • Upon arrival to the main destination (a wooden artist & fisherman hideout) a nutritional soup from the archipelago is served to welcome you.
  • You will be cooking together a medicinal tea made from the ingredients we collected from the island.
  • You will have free time to share experiences, enjoy the fireplace and appreciate the sea, birds, and untouched nature while we heat up the Finnish sauna.
  • Heat alteration including traditional Finnish sauna experience & swimming in the Baltic sea. Teachings of the Finnish sauna (optional).
  • Group meditation & breathing session including nature immersion techniques.
  • Three course fine-dining dinner made from local ingredients from the archipelago catered to your dietary needs.
  • Sharing of experiences accumulated over the weekend in perfect company.
  • Return to Helsinki by boat.

Date: Sunday 5 June 2022
Departure: 10:00 in the morning from central Helsinki (bus leaves 10:30)
Departure & return point: Hotel AX, Välimerenkatu 18, 00220 Helsinki
Return: 22:00 in the evening to central Helsinki


What to Expect

This trip is mainly designed to provide a perfect recovery from the conference while enjoying nature and peace. The temperature is going to be between 15 to 20 degrees celsius. There is going to be prolonged outdoor activities, so dress accordingly. Take also your swimming and sauna gear. Towels, natural shampoo etc. are provided.

We have internet connection and you will also have a safe place to store your luggage if you need to, although we recommend leaving everything extra in your hotel room.

All inclusive of lunch and dinner. We recommend a good breakfast before departure.

Suggested Gear List

You will be spending good ammount of time outdoors in the forest, so dress accordingly. Here are a few suggestions on the gear to bring:

  • 1x long sleeve shirt
  • 1x jacket
  • 1x trousers
  • 1x appropriate shoes for walking in the forest
  • 1x swimming suit
  • 1x rain jacket or mini umberella, in case it rains
  • 1x water bottle
  • 1x daypack for the aformentioned

Note about outdoor gear: You are not going to Antarctica so don't go overly crazy. Bring gear that also allows you to engage in movement. If you don't have any of it, you will probably manage anyway.

If you want to buy some camping gear in Helsinki, see Partioaitta or Retkiaitta (in front of each other at Yrjönkatu 29).

Other than previous is probably not needed.


970 € includes transportation from Helsinki and back, an epic program on the island, and all-inclusive lunch, dinner, drinks, and snacks.

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