Top 10 Brain Foods

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Biohacker Center will release later this year an anticipated new book: the Biohacker’s Brain Nutrition Book. It is a scientifically state-of-the-art book on the best foods for brain health, nootropics, brain-gut-microbiota, and habitual things that will guide your diet to be the best possible for brain health and neurodegenerative disease prevention. The book will be about 300 pages with over … Read More

Biohacker’s Flu Guide: Summary

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This is a comprehensive summary of Biohacker’s Flu Guide (2020) which focuses on improving immunity and strategies for building various barricades against intruders before they get the opportunity to take hold. The aim is to inhibit their proper functioning and make one more resistant to their effects. INTRODUCTION The world has turned into a giant petri dish for brewing potential … Read More

Top 3 technologic interventions for the immune system

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In this post we go through technological interventions and remedies for reducing pathogen exposure by eliminating for example viruses at home and at the office. This post also describes about the benefits of heat/cold alteration to your immunity as well as using essential oils as disinfectant. Enjoy the read! Light technologies Photobiomodulation is the utilization of non-ionizing photonic energy to … Read More

Best adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms and herbs to support your immune system

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Adaptogens Adaptogens or adaptogenic compounds (derived from the Russian word adaptatija) refer to a term first defined by a Soviet physician and researcher, Nikolai Lazarev, in 1947. These terms are used for herbal remedies, drugs, or other compounds that increase the ability to adapt to physical, biological, and chemical stressors while promoting normal balanced functioning of the body. Adaptogens (herbs and … Read More

Fortify yourself against pathogens: a quick guide

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Introduction The world has turned into a giant petri dish for brewing potential pathogens that can wreak havoc on our health, productivity and wellbeing. With increased travel, both bacterial and viral infections can spread far and wide in a short period of time. Mass production of food brings infectious agents, animals and humans closer to each other, creating the conditions … Read More