Optimizing Human Health With Siim Land and Teemu Arina (Biohacker’s Podcast LIVE)

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Biohacker’s Live Show features top experts in optimal human performance as if they were in your living room. Your host is Teemu Arina, the co-author of the Biohacker’s Handbook and curator of the Biohacker Summit. Catch each episode by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes here. What is the biochemical foundation of longevity? What is autophagy and why should you … Read More

Optimize your Sleep and Life with Greg Potter

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We all know that sleep is important but we not always know exactly why or how to improve it. In his talk at the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, Greg Potter presented the state-of-the-art scientific evidence to hack your way to better sleep and life. Watch his presentation and learn more about how to optimize your sleep!

Biohacking Stress With Dr. Olli Sovijärvi

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At the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, we learned how to manage stress with Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, one of the authors of the Biohacker’ Handbook. In this post, we summarized the main adaptogenic herbs and supplements to cope with both short- and long-term stress along with some practical tips and strategies.

How to Become Antifragile With Siim Land

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As biohackers, we are used to improving our bodies to improve health and achieve peak performance. Logically, we experiment and follow the lifestyle and dietary choices that best suit us. However, these ideal states might take us to the other side of the spectrum, by limiting our options and making us more fragile. In his talk at the Biohacker Summit in … Read More

Optimizing Productivity With Martina Johansson

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Many of us struggle with optimizing productivity, especially if you are an entrepreneur. We usually complain of lack of focus, but Martina Johansson explained at the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm that it is more than that. If you want to optimize your productivity, don’t miss this article including specific tips and a video recording of her talk.

Biohacking Bone Density for Skeletal Strength

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This is a guest article by OsteoStrong (written by Dirk Coetsee) sharing story behind OsteoStrong – Kyle Zagrodzkys’ game-changing technology, and an ultimate biohack to improve skeletal strength. The CEO and founder of OsteoStrong, Kyle Zagrodzky, speaks with a sense of awe, of his business relationship with world-known motivational speaker, author and biohacker Tony Robbins, and his mission to change … Read More

Personalizing Sleep with Hannu Kinnunen

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At the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, Hannu Kinnunen, Chief Scientific Officer at Oura Health, explained how to know your chronotype from your own data and use it to optimize your life. Read this article and watch the presentation to learn more about using wearables to track and optimize your sleep.